6 reasons to produce outstanding content

Sometimes good just isn’t good enough. And this certainly applies to the quality of the content that you produce as part of your content marketing strategy. Today, high-quality content is more critical than ever — and ‘quite good’ just won’t do for the following six reasons:

1. The only credible alternative to self-promotion

Companies that decide to invest in content marketing do so because they believe that it constitutes an alternative to traditional outbound marketing. The content that you produce helps a (potential) customer on their customer journey. Modern consumers search for solutions to issues online and value a website that provides those solutions, preferably without self-promotion or explicit advertising goals.

By delivering quality information about a topic that interests your target audience, you lay the foundations for customer relations. Only excellent, reliable and original content will stick in the mind and entice the consumer to come back to your engaging blog, website or Facebook page.

2. Reach building is crucial

If consumers whom you were able to help and intrigue with excellent content the first time round regularly return in search of equally strong content and find it, then one can speak of reach building. Outstanding content is necessary to gradually build a captive audience for your content channels. An audience that has grown to love your content gains respect for your company and, as time goes on, transfers that belief in your content into a belief in your products or services.

3. Only outstanding content goes viral

To lend the reach building process the necessary dynamic, it’s important to explore new worlds now and then. An ‘inner crowd’ can be useful, but if you want to extend your reach then you definitely need very strong content. It’s only this type of content that your audience will share and that will therefore truly go viral. The maxim ‘only great content travels’ is now 10 years old, but it hasn’t lost any of its relevance. Excellent work is the only guarantee to grow your reach.

4. The source of lasting engagement

In the best-case scenario, it isn’t only your reach that grows but also your audience’s engagement with your company. Outstanding content has a huge impact on your customers’ and followers’ engagement (from responses, comments, involvement in activities, etc. to recommending and explaining products). But it’s essential to maintain the high level of content at all times. There’s nothing as off-putting as suddenly being confronted with mediocre work when you had originally been seduced by an excellent article or video. Excellence creates expectations and it’s vital to continue to meet those expectations.

5. The key to being found

SEO is not only about link building and useful techniques to get a page to rank high on Google. Google’s new algorithms really do take quality into account. If you want to be found, at least write content that stands out and even better, produce content that Google believes provides value for everyone.


6. You learn more from layered metrics

Outstanding content that enjoys great success also has a geometric advantage. Contributions that score for their substantive strengths are easier to link with metrics other than reach. Sharing, as well as lead generation and even sales, can have a significant influence. If your content rarely excels, then it’s very difficult to make a noticeable impact.