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FAQ Editors and Translators

1 Who is MediaFortaJobs?

MediaFortaJob is a marketplace platform run by Mediaforta, an established digital content agency. Companies are in constant need of digital content and we want editors like you to provide the best content for our members.

2 How do I get a job?

You will need to apply for a job in order to write content for a company. First you need to become a member of MediaFortaJobs, which is completely free. The subject and details of the content you need to provide will be given in the job description. Our platform allows you to negotiate directly with the companies.

3 Do I have to compete with other editors?

The job application is not a bidding war between members, everybody can respond to any job until the deadline. The idea is to convince an employer of your expertise and writing ability during the application, rather than pitching the lowest wage.

4 Do I have to become a member?

Yes. In order to use our platform and see the available jobs you will need to register as a member on our site. Membership is completely free, and without premium membership or service fees.

5 What will membership cost me?

Nothing but a few moments of your time.  MediaFortaJobs has no monthly bids or premium membership. What you see is what you get. We are not a content mill that makes money off of your content. MediaFortaJobs is free to use and does not take a percentage of the jobs provided through the platform.

6 What do you do with my personal information?

This information is not shared or sold to anybody. We ask this information in order to provide a better service for you, as well as the companies. We know we ask a lot from our editors but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to match you to the right company.

7 If membership is free than what is the catch?

We launched MediaFortaJobs to build a database of content writers. The platform provides our own clients with writers in order to offer a solution to their content shortage. The platform is free to use in order to build a bigger network and to attract more companies that post their jobs. In other words, there is no catch.

8 How do I get paid?

Once you are hired by a company, that company will pay you directly once the work is delivered. Your wage should be stated in your contract with your employer. No money goes through the MediaFortaJobs platform. We do not have payment dates or a fixed amount of money you need to earn in order to get paid. Please note that MediaFortaJobs is not responsible for your work or your payment as a hired editor.

9 If something goes wrong, who can I contact?

Negotiating payment rates is your responsibility. If you feel the payment is too low or the workload too big, then do not accept the job. Upon accepting a job, a contract should be drafted and signed by both parties. If you do not agree with the contract, then do not sign. Upon signing the contract you agree to the terms and payment conditions of the company. MediafortaJobs is not responsible for the payment or the contract you sign with the company. However, if a company is not being professional, please let us know.

10 I think the site could use an update

We are currently working on improving our site. If you have a suggestion, feel free to contact us through the “Send Feedback” button.

11 Does MediaFortaJobs have a referral system?

No, but it’s something we may consider in future. Don’t let that stop you from telling friends or colleagues about us. We’re immensely grateful to anyone who spreads the word about us!




FAQ Employer

1. Who is MediaFortaJobs?

MediaForta is a digital content agency with a difference – we believe it should be easy for everyone to source great content. That’s why we created MediaFortaJobs, Our mission is to help companies like yours find the best writers, editors and translators, by matching content creators to employers.

2. Why should I use MediaFortaJobs?

MediaFortaJobs is 100% free! Our platform is quick and easy to use and we already have a large database of writers and editors waiting to respond to your job offering.

3. What are the requirements to post a job offer?

Any company or person can post a job offer as long as they become a member of the platform and pay for the work they commission. You don’t have to be a big organisation to use our services – we provide content editors for even the smallest of companies. For more information please read our terms and conditions.

4 How do I place a job offer?

You are free to post as many job offers as you want. Simply click the ‘place job’ button and complete the form, taking care to write a detailed description of what the work involves. Our team will validate your job advert within 24 hours. Once the job is posted on the site you will receive an email informing you that editors are able to apply.

5. What will it cost me?

Nothing but a few moments of your time! We provide a free platform for all our members. MediaFortaJobs does not sell information or data from our clients - our only goal is to build a marketplace for editors and companies.

6. How do I hire the right editor?

By reading all the job applications and selecting the editor that best meets your requirements. Our platform allows you to contact editors if you need to request more information from them, and inform candidates that didn’t meet your requirements. Make sure to agree on all aspects of the job with the editor before work starts.

7. How much do I pay the editor?

The value of the content can only be determined by you. We believe that companies should pay editors an honest price for the work delivered.

8. How do I pay the editor?

Once the job is completed and you are satisfied with the work, you pay the editor directly. No money goes through the MediaFortaJobs platform, making sure the editor gets paid the full amount you agreed upon. Please note that MediaFortaJobs is not responsible for the work or the payment of your hired editor.

9. If something goes wrong, who can I contact?

You or your company are ultimately responsible for deciding which editor you choose to work with. We recommend that you get to know them before work commences. If something goes wrong please let us know. We are happy to help if we can.


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