About us

We believe that the world and the consumer are changing faster than ever due to the influence of the digital revolution – and that new techniques are necessary  to influence the heart and minds of today’s consumers. Today’s customers are smart, well-informed and in control. Offering customers great content that’s relevant to them will influence their buying decisions.

Mediaforta is a full service provider of outstanding digital content marketing. Thanks to our large international network of editorial specialists we can respond to the communication objectives of professional brand builders and communicators. As such, we create the desired emotional connection between brands and consumers.

Our values:

Respect for consumers looking for informative and entertaining content.

Respect for our clients, looking to engage in brand-building and meaningful customer relationships.

Respect for employees and our network of editorial specialists, working hard to deliver relevant marketing content in the face of fast-changing market conditions.

Respect for the society in which we work, and contributing towards a sustainable environment.

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